Videography Portfolio

Cinderbloc Studio Bridal Shoot (Behind the Scenes)

Island Farms Holiday Magic Campaign (Shot and Edited)

Professional Employees Association Education Conference

2013 EcoStar Awards

1. Climate Action: Big Wheel Burger

2. Climate Action Non-Profit: Island Pathways

3. Waste Reduction: Monk Office

4. Waste Reduction Non-Profit: Lansdowne Middle School

5. Land Stewardship: Mayne Island Conservancy Society

6. Integrated Watershed Management: Reliable Controls

7. Integrated Watershed Management Non-Profit: St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church

8. Youth Leader

9. Community Environmental Leader

10. 2013 EcoStar Sponsors





2012 CRD EcoStar Awards

1. Waste Reduction: Heritage Office Furnishings

2. Waste Reduction (Non-Profit): Women in Need Community Cooperative

3. Integrated Watershed Management: Bowker Creek Blueprint

4. Water Stewardship: Superior Restaurant Services

5. Climate Action: Oughtred Coffee & Tea

6. Climate Action (Non-Profit): Saanich School District

7. Youth Leader: Meaghan Dinney

8. Community Environmental Leader: Frances Litman